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Some Milestones.....


Dr. T. Beaurnount (1864-1881) - Ophthalmic Surgeon par excellence

Year Annual OPD attendance Major Surgery
1864 2500 18
1850 15,000 276

Chief contribution were establishing Medical School in 1878.

First batch of 4 students in the 4 year medical course

Dr. D.F. Keegan (1881 - 1894)

Excellent ENT & Ophthalmic surgeon, devised foreheadflap for reconstruction of nose.

Surgeon General - Dr. Cunningham praises Indore charitable hospital as one of the three best institutions in the Country.

1884 Addition of Midwifery and medical Juris prudence to the curriculum
1885 Viceroy of India Lord Dufferin visits Indore charitable hospital & praises its work.
Cost of running ICH - 1500/- mth
1887 Female Medical Class initiated (6 students)
Total strength of students- 18

Dr. R. Caldecott (1894-97)


Dr. G.H.D. Girnlette (1897-1901)

Maharaja Tukoji Rao hospital inaugurated 1901

Dr. J. Roberts (1901 - 12)

1910 : Old Daly College Building donated for medical school
1911 : School rechristened as King Edward Hospital and Medical School

Pay Scale of staff in 1909 (Monthly)

Sir Roberts (additional pay) Rs. 150/-
Dr. P.R. Bhandarkar Rs. 200/-
Dr. Sarju Prasad Rs. 75/-
Dr. S.R. Masalawala Rs. 50/-
+ 4 Hospital assistants  

Dr. F.A. Smith (1912 - 1921)

First World War hampers progresss of the institution.

1916: Indian Medical Degree Act decides students have now to appear in LCPS or LMP to qualify as doctors.
1920: Total strength of students 139
35 pass examination licentiate

Dr. G.D. Franklin (1921 - 1923)

1922 : Admission of students closed due to financial crisis.
1923 : European infantry barracks (Gora barracks) converted into hostel for 130 medical students.

Dr. W.R. Battye (1923 - 28)

1923 : Restarted medical school Staff expanded.

Dr. J.R.J. Tyrell (1928 - 1937)

Dr. R.F.D. Maegregor (1931 - 33)

Dr. M.A. Nicholson (1933 - 45)

Paved the path for upgrading school to college.
Was humane and just but a strict disciplinarian.




Dr. H.W. Farrel (1945 - 47)

Ral Bahadur Dr. S.K. Mukherjee (1947 - 1948)

Process of expansion of staff and construction of new buildings in addition to major repairs and maintenance of the existing ones continued till 1946 when the formation of -a Central India Medical College was envisaged.

The managing committee of the King Edward Hospital and Medical School at its meeting held on the 21st of October 1940, worked out a detailed scheme for the conversion of school to a full fledged medical college.

King Edward and Maharaja Tukoji Rao Hospital

1998 MGM Medical College