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Golden Jubilee Celebrations of MGM Medical College, Indore

It is a matter of immense pride and pleasure for us to inform you that the Golden Jubilee celebrations of MGM Medical College, Indore, are being organised from 18th to 20th December, 1998.

Golden Jubilee Organising Committee

The glorious history of MGM dates back to 1948 when it took off as an upgraded institution of KEM medical school which was founded in 1878. Not many of us would believe that fifty years have passed since the foundation stone of this grand red building known as MGM was laid.

The batches entering this building as timid "Panchhis" and leaving as beaming young doctors have been coming for the last half century. But let us look back, enjoy and celebrate the nostalgic past of last 50 years which would remind us of our successes, failures, companionships, separations, affairs, flops, smiles, cries, canteen, long barracks, lectures, picnics, panchigiri, MG Road and so on.

So let us come together for a grand reunion to relive our past and exchange new learnings and experiences, and strengthen the bond of MGM brotherhood

1998 MGM Medical College, Indore