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Department of Physiology

The Department of Physiology is situated on the northern wing of the first floor of the main building.

The Present Academic Staff

Professor and Head: Dr. Mrs. Sukhwant Bose
Associate Professors: Dr. I.A. Khan
Dr. S.L. Datta
Dr. Mrs. F. Roohi
Assistant Professors: Dr. Mrs. Soni
Dr. M. Shiralkar
Dr. Mrs. A. Joshi
Demonstrators: Dr. H.L. Jain
Dr. K. Makhwana
Dr. R. Wadhwani
Dr. M. Bhandari

The labouratory also has three well qualified technicians, three Lab. Attendants, one office clerk, one peon and 2 sweepers.

There is one lecture theatre which can accomodate 200 students. It has a gallery system of 12 rows with fixed seats and desks. It has adequate light and ventellation arrangements. Besides these, there are facilities for epidiascope, a slide projector and other audiovisual aids..

Practical Class Rooms:

Experimental Physiology Laboratory : It has working equipment for 50 students for performing amphibian and mammalian experiments.
Human and Clinical Physiology Laboratory : This is a structural expansion of the department since 1979. It has equipment and facilities for 50 students.
Haematology Laboratory : The Lab. has equipment and glassware for 50 students alongwith adequate light arrangements.
There is enough accomodation for staff members and these rooms are also used for research work.


Expansion of the Department -
Structural, Functional.

Structural -

Functional -

  1. Academic Counselling to the undergraduates was introduced in 1990 and has been in operation all along. This department is the first in the state to introduce such a service.
  2. Introduced M.C.Q's in 1990 and prepared a question bank in the department which has been a resource of reference to many sister institutions.
  3. Developed a project of the Haematology Lab. manual, evaluated it, modified it and now has been introduced to the students since 1994.
  4. Audio Visual Methods and handouts are used for more effective teaching since 1992.


Current Work Going on

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