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A Brief History....

The History of Department of Anatomy goes back to the inception of King Edward Medical School, in the year 1878. There was a Dissection hall and a Museum to facilitate the learning process of the thenmedical students. The clay models of the various sense organs were brought from Paris by Sir beoumant in 1880,which are still the pride possession of the present Museum.


the Department is situated on the southern side of the first floor of the main building having a dissection hall to accommodate 150 students at a time and a histology laboratory with 70 Microscopes to accommodate 70 students. In addition there is a well-equipped Histology, Neuroanatomy and Embryology laboratories. Further, there is a seminar-room and a lecture-theatre. Modern audiovisual-aids are available. Museum has got 970 specimens 222 models, 224 charts and 61 photo f rames.

The number of sanctiched staff is 14.

Professor and Head : Dr.G.N. Khare
Associate Professors : Dr. Mrs. S. Shrivastava
Dr. Mrs. M. Sharma
Assistant Professors : Dr. R. Pandey
Dr. A. A. Khan
Dr. Mrs. A. Bose
Demonstrators : Dr.V. K. Pandit
Dr. S. K. V Jankhede
P.G. Student : Dr. Ranjan Sinah

27 Post-graduates have done their M.S.(Anatomy) since 1957.

The Department has been headed by

in succession.

41st Annual Conference of Anatomical Society of India was organised in December,1993, Dr.0.N. Khare being the Organising Secretary.

Dr. O. N. Khare was elected President of Anatomical Society of India in 1995. Dr.S.D.Joshi and Dr.Mrs.S.S.Joshi were elected General Secretary and Joint Secretary respectively of the same society from 1991 to 1997.

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